Titus the Lifeguard

Yesterday was pool day. My neice Lydia is little so I told her she needed to stay in the small pool (Mom calls it the spa).

My nephew Lawson went into the big pool. I told him to be careful and I would be the lifeguard.

The next thing I knew, he went flying into the pool ! 

Boy did that get me nervous, But I watched his every move.

I was much happier when they were all in the little pool. But I continued on Lifeguard Patrol.



St. Patricks Day

My nephew Lawson and niece Lydia are visiting this week. So we all dressed up for St Patricks Day. Well, let's correct that, they dressed me...

They tried all sort of green hats on me,

Lawson tried a small hat with a beard,  but decided he liked it better on himself.

Then Lydia wanted to add to the St Patty's style with glasses.

It was fun playing dress up with the little humans! And I didn't even require cookies!
Happy St. Pat's ! 



PI Day

I have learned quickly that my new family loves pizza..So when I heard today was Pi Day I convinced Mom that we should celebrate with an Urban Pi .  Aren't I clever? 

When Mom turned away for a minute, I opened the box . 

And grabbed a slice . Life is good.
Happy Pi Day ! 



Plant a Flower Day

Today is National Plant a Flower Day. So I thought in my sis Princess Rosy's memory, I would plant Roses ! I went to the nursery, picked out the gardening supplies and the flowers - pink of course ! 
Mom wanted me to wear the gardening gloves. I put them on for a cookie. 
Then we planted it. (Mom wore the gloves.) Now I will think of Rosy each time I pass these roses. And I promise I will not pee on them.



Titus the Blogger

Hi. I am Titus. I am Princess Rosy's big brother who everyone thinks looks like Chewbacca. I really miss my tiny sister. She taught me everything I know in my new life. Now I need to figure out the rest on my own.
I thought that I should try my paws at blogging to carry on the legacy of Rosy and Bear. So my mission, like theirs, is to create smiles around the world. Mom thinks I will be good at it since she says I create smiles around my house and neighborhood. And I like when Mom takes pics of me cause I get cookies.
Mom will be working on redesign for the blog. Even though I thought it should be called Titus Reports, Mom is calling it Paws Reports. Stay tuned for a new design! On Twitter, Mom is renaming BearBear's account @PawsReports. I can't wait to tweet! 


Heaven has a new Princess

Rosy's 15+ years of age was starting to catch up with her but she never stopped being her spicy Princess self.  When Annie passed in December, there was a sadness about her. She started declining showing different symptoms indicating brain issues. Titus brought a bit of feistiness back in her since she had to bark at him often to remind him who was boss. 
Then last Friday morning she had a terrible and very long seizure that lasted until we got her to the hospital where they stopped it. She stayed in ICU until Saturday afternoon. She was not doing that well, but we hoped the medicine would kick in and she would start to get better. She never did. On Monday afternoon she fell into a tranquil sleep, like how you would expect a dog to look when they were sedated for a procedure. Her breathing was calm and she never truly awoke to awareness. So in the early evening when the doctor came to our house, it was a very peaceful passing with love surrounding her.
We all miss her terribly. That tiny little girl had such a huge presence in our house and in our life. I will be doing some type of a tribute for her on the blog. It may take awhile since little Rosy took a big part of my heart with her. And my heart was still newly broken from Annie's passing.
In the meantime Titus wants to start doing reports to carry on Rosy's legacy. So stay tuned for Titus' first report. He is hoping to have it out soon.

X O,  Rosy's Mom


Oscar's Red Carpet

This year it was easy to narrow down my pics from the Oscars Red Carpet. Paws down, Nicole Kidman  was the best dressed, so I tried it myself. Blue is not really my color. But my fave dress was absolutely Viola Davis'. Bright Pink and sparkly. It doesn't get any better! Oh I so want to wear that! 

This year I also picked my fave men's looks . Then I tried them on Titus. He looks so dapper in all of them. Which is your fave Oscars suit for Titus?



 Its time for the Oscars!  Titus agreed to dress up and be my date for the Oscars. So I told him we will use our imagination and go to Hollywood to attend the Awards.

Then I reminded him that we will need to be ready for all the paparazzi on the red carpet.
So excited about the Oscars! 
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