Happy Birthday Daddy

Today is Daddy's birthday. So Annie and I put our heads together to chat about what to do for Daddy. We decided to throw him a party . 
 I described to Annie what I envisioned for the decor. Annie told me her vision for the food --  cheeseburgers, from In-N-Out of course! 
Do you think Daddy will like our dream party?


Greek Gifts

Of course Mommy and Daddy brought us back presents from Greece. I received  the most fabulous gift. A beautiful pink greek dress! So now I can be a Greek Goddess!

Annie, on the other paw, got a present more to her liking. She 
loved her Santorini donkey. She even promised not to bury him (yet.) 



Since we were spending Father's Day by the pool, I encouraged Annie and Bunnybell to practice their swinmming. I went first to demonstrate Princess form. (Click for Video)
Then Bunnybell did very well and definitely got our votes for most compelling eyes. (Click for video)
And then Annie swam and as usual got the prize for most noisy and silly swimmer. (Click for video)
Then it was time for some pool kisses from my sis Sydne and cuddles with Daddy.
And finally, an after bath nap. 
What a fab Father's Day! 


Father's Day

It's Father's Day. We love our Daddy. How many Daddy's would take three little girls for a walk including a toy poodle princess in a stroller? That's our fab Daddy and Bunnybell's fab Grandpa. 
Happy Father's Day to all the Daddies and GrandDaddies in the world! 


Greek Vacation

 Mommy and Daddy finally came back from vacation last night! They showed me the pictures and it all looked so fab. And when I went to sleep I dreamt that Annie and I went on a Greek vacation! First we went to Athens and visited the Parthenon.
 Then we went to Crete and arrived at our beautiful villa with our own pool and what a fab view!
And last we visited the island of Santori. OMP! How incredibly beautiful! When I woke up I felt so refreshed yet somehow hungry for a gryo.


Vacation time

It's that time of year again when Mommy and Daddy go on vacation without us. While of course we will miss them so much, we get to stay home with one of our fave humans- Uncle Brian. So I am going to take a vacation too, which means no blogging. I think I will just relax out by the pool and have Uncle Brian serve me puparitas! 
PS. If you get Rosy and Annie withdrawal - you can always just read my blog from the beginning! 


June Roses

June is one of my fave months because it's Rose month! Roses are my signature flowers since I was found on Rose Street and hence my name!! I of course especially love pink long stem roses, However,  if you would like to send me a bouquet, I do enjoy all colors and types of roses. 


Blog Paws Swag

Mommy had all of our swag from Blog Paws shipped to our house. The box came yesterday and Annie was beyond excited.  I told her she could have anything she wanted, but not all at once. I told her to pick one thing first. So she sniffed and searched...

And she found a bone. I thought she would ask Mommy to take off the plastic so she could start eating it. I don't know why I thought that. Of course she did her normal Annie thing...

She went off to bury the bone, plastic and all.
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