National Waffle Day

Today is National Waffle Day. So I thought we should celebrate by making Eggos! I told Annie that she can have an Eggo as a treat, but not eat it all at one sitting.  The next thing I know, Annie has already eaten half. So I told she needs to give it to me and I will save it for her.  But Annie barked back "I won't leggo of my Eggo ! "


Pool Surfing

I was really inspired by that pink surfboard at the beach, so I decided to try pool surfing. I thought that this is very good practice for balancing on a board in case I want to go ocean surfing. I did very well and thankfully did not get my poodle curls wet ! Maybe next time I will have Daddy swim next to me and make waves. 


Tooth Fairy Day

Today is National Tooth Fairy Day. I told Annie and Bunnybell that we should become tooth fairies for the day.  But unbeknownst to me, they had already discussed it among themselves and decided not to participate. When I asked why, Annie barked that they love their sleep and are not interested in a night job. Besides that, they are dogs; so they don't fly even with the silly wings I gave them. Typical teenage girls rebellion.


Congrats Olympians !

As the Summer Olympics comes to a close, Annie and I want to congratulate all the athletes from around the world for competing in the Olympic Games. We want to pay a special thanks to the entire USA Olympics team. You have made the last two weeks exciting and inspiring.  Congrats to all the gold, silver and bronze medalists as well as all of the USA Olympians. You are our heroes and you make us very proud to be Americans!  


Lemonade Day

For National Lemonade Day I decided to hold another Lemonade class. Everyone did much better this time. Bunnybell suggested we have a Lemonade stand and make some money. I reminded her she can do that as a project in her Entrepreneur class in Princess Graduate School.
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