Ugly Sweater Day

Today is Ugly Sweater Day. I assumed it refers to Christmas Sweaters.. So I took out my collection to decide which I would wear. The problem is my taste is so impeccable I don't own an ugly sweater!

Annie barked since we don't have any ugly sweaters we should just not wear a sweater.  I guess that makes sense since it will be close to 80 degrees here today!


Happy Monkey Day

Today is Monkey Day. So Annie and I decided we should spend special time with our monkeys. I asked Annie what she wanted to do with them.

She barked 'Monkey around of course!"  (I am so not doing that.)


It's Hanukkah !

Its the first night of Hanukkah. Mommy made the Latkes for us. I put two candles in my new pink castle menorah (one of my Hanukkah presents! Isn't it fab?) I started telling Annie the story of Hanukkah .

OMP! She fell asleep on the story! Well anyway. I woke her up to tell her it was time for Latkes! (In case you don't know, Latkes are super yum potato pancakes. A Hanukkah eating tradition!)

 I put her plate of Latkes infront of her. Her tastebuds must be off. She thought they looked and smelled weird.

Not me! I just adore Latkes. They are so beyond delish !
For those who celebrate, hope you have a happy and yummy Hanukkah ! For those that don't, at least try some Latkes. They are so fab! 


Snow Day

No. It doesn't snow in San Diego. But every year our neighborhood brings snow in for the kids. So yesterday since the kids were done,  I couldn't wait to take Annie to see the snow.

Of course we had to sniff it first. To me It smelled like kids and hay,
Annie liked the smell so much she tasted it and thought it was delicious.
Then we went off on our own. I went up the big hill.
Annie stayed where she was and barked that she was cold.
I came back over to Annie and told her not to worry because I was prepared. I brought earmuffs for both of us!


Santa Visits

Last weekend we went to see Santa at Petco. Annie and I both sat on Santa's lap but I went first with my Santa Chat. I had a lot to discuss and ended up taking too much time. So Mommy told Annie that Santa is going to the Unleashed store and she can see Santa there. That way, Annie can have a full turn.

So we went to Unleashed and Santa sat on the floor with Annie and they had a chat. That made Annie feel very special and she was happy.

After Annie was done, I went over to see Santa . I just had to know what color nail polish Santa was wearing! 


Christmas Trees

Mommy got Annie, Bunnybell and I Christmas Tree costumes. She had some sort of vision in her head for a photoshoot by the lake. She picked a pretty spot, but you couldn't see our costumes.
Then she turned us around (why couldnt she just go behind us?) and then you couldn't see all of our faces. So she didn't like that.
Then she had us go to another spot. She wasn't happy with that either. She said the green costumes are blending in with the grass and greenery. 
That was it. We said we were leaving. We don't get paid for this you know.


Giving Tuesday

 This year, Annie and I decided for Giving Tuesday we should shop Best Friends Catalog of Kindness.  It has symbolic gifts that give to animals waiting for their forever homes.  

I decided to give a Spa Day. I know how fab it makes me feel to be pampered, and photographed! 

Annie thought the Rainbow Play Pack seemed like fun.  But when Annie kept falling asleep during our photoshoot, I had a better idea. 

So I went back to the computer and got the Warm Bed. Yes, that is more appropriate for Annie to give since she just loves her naps.


Thanksgiving Meal

 For Thanksgiving, Mommy made us turkey legs (ground turkey shaped as a leg!). When we sat down, we were all supposed to first say what we were thankful for. Bunnybell however, could not wait to eat!

 Then Bunnybell went after my turkey leg! I protested.

 So Annie barked that Bunnybell can sit next to her.

Bunnybell immediately finished her turkey leg, then stepped over Annie onto the table to get Annie's turkey leg! At that point, everyone agreed that Bunnybell could no longer sit at the table.

Once she was gone, Annie and I chatted about all the things we are thankful for. Most of them were the same - Mommy, Daddy, Sydne, Bunnybell, our home, our happy lives. Annie added thanks for her toys and bacon treats. I added thanks for my immense and fab wardrobe.

And then we were ready to eat. What a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

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