#FuzzFriday - Cooking For Sugar

 Our dear friend Sugar came out with a cookbook "Cooking for Sugar"  - well, her Mom wrote it, but Sugar is the chief taste tester and top model. Anyway, we wanted to celebrate #FuzzFriday with one of the recipes and we chose Turkey Mutt'ins. 

OMP! They were SO fab! And even though they had veggies in them Annie barked that they were total yum city! Mommy loved them too! Can't wait to try all the recipes! Have a happy #FuzzFriday!


Where's Waldo ?

Today is Waldo's 29th birthday! Did you know he calls himself something different depending on where he is?  So while in the U.S, we know him as Waldo; in the UK (where he was born), Spain, Holland, Italy, Poland and Portugal his name is Wally; he's Walter in Germany, Willy in Norway and Charlie in France! No wonder it is hard to find him -- you may be calling the wrong name! 


Cupcake Week

This week is Cupcake Week. Well, it is in the UK ! So since I think cupcakes are so fab, I thought why not celebrate Cupcakes with my British friends. But I can't take an actual trip to the UK this week, so I thought I would just meander into British Cupcake Land in my daydream. 


Talk like a Pirate

Today is Talk like a Pirate Day. So to help us get in the mood, we dressed in our Pirate garb and went to the beach looking for hidden treasure. A big dog came over and Annie barked "Ahoy Mutt" ! When he came to sniff me I said "Grrrrrr" . (Only since I was talking like a pirate of course!)


Emmys Fashion

 As a recognized Fashion Expert, friends always ask me after awards shows which dresses are my faves. So from the Emmys I imagined how Annie and I would look in the fashions. I thought best for me were on trend metallic and pink and yellow tones - Claire's, Constance's and Ellie's. For Annie, I thought she would be most fab in the creamy ones to match her fur - Kristen's, Emilia's and Felicity's. Which dresses did you like best?
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