Thanksgiving Wreath

 Mommy brought us a project to work on for Thanksgiving. A Grateful Wreath kit.  It's a wreath that is full of thankful thoughts. First we had to make the wreath.

The first thing we had to do was pop out all the paper leaves. There were so many! Annie got really frustrated since her paws were too big for this task. 

So I told Annie I can make the wreath. 

When I finished , it was time to make our grateful leaves to put on the wreath. Annie and I each had four to fill out.  I told Annie to think of what she is thankful for and write those things down on the leaves. I did the same. 

On Thanksgiving Thursday we will give 4 leaves each to Mommy, Daddy, Sydne and Bunnybell for them to fill out their thanks. Then our wreath will be complete. 
What would your leaves say?


Double Celebration

Today is Party With Your Bear and it is also National Fast Food Day. So Annie and I had the fab idea to celebrate both days at once! We ordered McDonald's and invited our fave teddy bears to have a party! 

Double Cheeseburgers and French Fries for all ! Since Annie couldn't choose one fave Bear, she didnt know what to do since she only had 2 burgers and 4 bears! I told her to give them each 1/4 of a Burger since I knew she would want a whole one.

I immediately went for the French Fries because I don't like them to get cold. Annie doesn't care about fries, so she started eating her burger. 

Of course Annie finished way too quickly while everyone else was still enjoying theirs.Then, she noticed her Teddy Bears' still had their burgers so she ate those too! 

Annie ! 


Rosy Day gift

My last report about Rosy Day is my fave present. Mommy and Daddy got me a gift card to my fave restaurant - Milton's Deli. So I went online and ordered dinner for Annie and me. 

Mommy set up our area for our special meal - my faves chicken noodle soup (Milton's is the absolute best!) and brisket served over mashed potatoes. 

Then we were ready to eat. Annie wasn't so sure about this fancy meal
until she caught a whiff of the brisket .

Mmmmmmm so good! What a fab meal ! 


Rosy Day Party

Continuing with my reporting on Rosy Day,  after the beach, I had my Rosy Day Party. This year's theme was "A Poodle in Paris."

To start my party, I put on my tiara and called Annie to the table.

When Annie sat down she immediately asked when we were going to eat the cake. 

Then, as soon as her slice was in front of her, Annie went right for the cake. I can't believe she didn't first bark a tune of Happy Rosy Day! I need to teach her party manners.


Rosy Beach Day

For Rosy Day, I wanted to go to the beach. When we got there, Annie and I chatted about what to do.  We had different ideas of course.

Annie wanted to just hang and canine watch.

I, on the other paw, wanted to prance all around  showing off my new poodle dress!

Then I decided to just hang with Annie.

What a fab Rosy Day at the beach!


Rosy Day !

Yay! Its the most fab day of the year - Rosy Day! The celebration of the day Mommy found me and I became a Princess! 
Its been seven years since Bear blogged about his new little sister!  Can you believe I looked like that!  I went from very cute to FABULOUS! 


New Car

If I was a human, it would be about time for Driver's Ed. But since I am too little to drive out on the big roads, Mommy had an idea. She got me my very own pool car ! 

So now I can drive and I don't even need a license! How fab!


Giant Asparagus

The other day on our walk, I was looking for Annie and her saw her sitting and staring at some plants. What in the poodleworld is she looking at? So I went over and asked. 
She barked that there is giant asparagus growing. What? So I looked and understood how she may have gotten that idea. I explained that it is a like a flower growing from that kind of plant, and not asparagus. She believed me but now is afraid she is going to have asparagus nightmares. Poor Annie.
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