Polka Dot Day

Today is Polka Dot Day. So I put together an outfit for me and then selected a tie for Titus.

After our photo shoot. Titus told me he thinks I am very pretty. How sweet is my new brother?


Popcorn Day

 Today is Popcorn Day. So I thought it would be a nice bonding activity to make microwave popcorn with Titus. I gave him the Orville Redenbacher while I of course went with the Skinny Girl.

When the popcorn was ready I placed it in size appropriate bowls. I dove right in. I love popcorn. However, Titus had obviously not experienced popcorn before and wasn't quite sure about it.

He wasn't too tempted by the aroma. But I told him he should at least try it. And he did.

 His beard got more popcorn than his mouth did. When he starts Prince School he obviously will need a beard trim!


Titus Meets Swans

The other day when I took Titus to the lake, I totd him all about the swans. 

It was lucky that I did since Mr. Swan swam up while Titus and I walked by. 

Titus was very curious and moved to get a bit closer.  Not too close since he doesn't like water.

Later on our walk, Mr. and Mrs Swan were on the sidewalk. I explained to Titus that the swans have the right of way at Swan Lake, so he needs to respect their space and let them cross. And  he did!

Then when they were back on the grass, Titus walked by and didn't even give them a look. Titus is such a good boy ! (But, I think he is secretly afraid of them.)


Dress Up Your Pet Day

Today is Dress Up Your Pet Day. So I styled Titus for a chic casual look. 

 So now that he has passed the dress up test with an A+, he is officially our perfect family dog.


Rubber Ducky

Today is National Rubber Ducky Day. So I wanted Titus to meet my Mr. Ducky. Since Titus is too big for the bathtub, I put Mr. Ducky in the pool. .

 But Titus would not say hello to Mr. Ducky until he was out of the water. So my giant brother is  not a water dog. How fab!. That means I will not have to be around the gross smell of wet dog. 


Beauty sleep

Yesterday, Bunnybell and I were comfortably catching up on our beauty sleep. 

 The next thing I know, Titus came into bed and decided he wanted to take a nap.

Thank goodness we have a King size bed. And I don't want to deny Titus extra beauty sleep. He certainly could use it. 


A bed for Titus

Titus loves to hang on the couch with us. But when we found him in Bunnybell's bed we knew he really wanted a bed of his own.

Next thing we know, the doorbell rings and a giant box arrives..

Titus immediately checks it out.

 Voila ! Titus has his very own bed. He is SO happy. Now we have to find a big enough space to put it!


Beach Boy

We took Titus to Dog beach for the first time. This picture pretty much sums up what he was like. He switched from an amazingly good boy into a crazy dog. He jus ran and ran SO FAST. Mommy and Daddy were chasing him all around the beach, unsuccessfully.

Finally, he stopped to pee and Mommy and Daddy caught him and leashed him up. I think I need to start Prince school for Titus. His major will be off leash etiquette.
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