Rosh Hashanah

Tonight begins the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. Annie, Bunnybell and I  are celebrating with traditional foods to bring in the New Year. Challah bread, apples, honey and a pomegranate!. 

I know I should have first gone for the apples and honey symbolizing a sweet year ahead, but I love carbs, and I just couldn't resist that giant Challah!

The next thing I know, Annie and Bunnybell are joining me! 
L'Shanah Tovah -( that is Hebrew greeting for Happy New Year i )


Cheeseburger Day

 For Cheeseburger Day Annie, Bunnybell and I decided to go to Smashburger in Del Mar to celebrate.

I ordered us a cheeseburger and Fido burger to split.

 I walked away for a moment to get a drink of water. The next thing I know, Bunnybell ate the whole FidoBurger!!

So I pulled the cheeseburger in the shade and told Annie she can split it with me.  I let Annie have the Cheeseburger.  I preferred to just have the salad.


Playdoh Day

To celebrate Playdoh Day, I though it would be fun to make a Playdoh Pizza ! So I got my Playdoh and tools together and invited Bunnybell and Annie to join me.

 I had to protect my work from Annie cause she kept on wanting to eat it. I kept explaining that it was not real pizza or toppings. But Annie really wanted what she thought was a meatball.
I was finally finished with my beautiful pizza. I even made one pink slice as a way to sign my masterpizza. Bunnybell thought it looked delicious. Annie continued to wonder when we were going to eat it.


Fortune Cookies

Annie knows its Fortune Cookie Day. So she had Dad bring home a bag full. When he left the room, Annie ripped open the bag and started to break the cookies and read the fortunes.
But she didn't like any of the fortunes. She wanted to know where the cookie was that says "Bacon will be in your future."


Patriots Day

On this date, Patriots Day, the 16th anniversary of horrible September 11th, we always think about and honor those that were lost. We also like to recognize all of those that were there to help during and afterward. So every year I read to Annie the book A Tribute to The Dogs of 9/11 by Ron Burns. It is a beautiful tribute book with his paintings and stories about some of the fab hero dogs of 9/11. This book is a must read, especially today.


PawPrayers for Florida

We have been watching all the news about Hurricane Irma and how much devastation it has already caused. So upsetting. And now it is over  Florida. We have so many friends and family in Florida so we are extra worried. We asked Mommy what we can do. She told us right now, all we can do is say our PawPrayers and send lots of love to Florida.


Teddy Bear Day

 It's Teddy Bear Day ! So I told Annie we should celebrate by taking all our teddy bears to bed and having one big cuddle pile. Annie was a bit disappointed.
She wanted to have a teddy bear picnic again! I told her she has to wait until next July for Teddy Bear Picnic Day!


Salami Day

 Can you believe it? Another food day to celebrate. Today is Salami Day ! There are so many different types and brands of salami so I decided we should taste test some of Daddy's faves.

Annie as usual dug right in. She does not understand the concept of a taste test. I sniffed each to evaluate the aroma before tasting.

Of course, Annie finished way before me. I chewed each slowly and thoroughly to understand their complexities.  
Do you like Salami?


Read A Book Day

For National Read A Book Day, I thought it would be appropriate for Annie and I to read books about our respective breeds.

 I told her that first we will read Poodlena.

As I was reading my fab book out loud, Annie fell asleep ! I woke her up and told her to read her own book.

Then she started reading about Frosty the Spaniel and was very intrigued. I continued reading about fab Poodlena.

 What book will you read today ?


Cheese Pizza Day

Another fab day to celebrate! It's Cheese Pizza Day ! So I ordered a pizza for me and Annie.

We had Mommy put it on a plate and let it cool a little bit.
Then it was ready to eat. While Annie sniffed it, I just went right in and took a slice.

 Then Annie tried to share my slice. Really ? I told her to get her own slice.

And she listened to my command like a good dog.
Hope you enjoy Cheese Pizza Day too!


Labor Day

Usually we do a picnic or BBQ  on Labor Weekend . But since Annie is still recovering and it feels like 1000 degrees out, we are skipping that this year. But since we always want to be patriotic , we dressed up to celebrate America. Annie was a bit bummed that she couldn't take her collar off. But it fit so perfectly with our red, white and blue!


Post-Op Care

Annie 's surgery yesterday went very well. The doctor took all the lumps out. We will get biopsy results next week. Now she has a bunch of stitches so she needs a few weeks to rest and recover. We got her a new bed, but she likes the cool floor.  She is doing OK on her pain pills. You don't have to worry about her. She has the most fab nurse! 
P.S. Thanks to everyone for your good wishes and prayers ! 


Pre-Op McDonalds

Annie doesnt know it yet, but she has a big day at the doctor tomorrow (Wednesday). So Bunnybell and I thought we should have a McDonald's party for her today. 

 The Cheeseburgers were so yum. Annie loved her Happy Meal.

I really hope tomorrow she dreams of yummy burgers,  toys and all of her fave things. You see, she is having surgery to take off a bunch of lumps on her skin. 
Paws crossed for Annie to have a fab surgery with fab results. 

Helping Paws for Texas

Today, all I can think about is the disaster in Texas. I feel so bad for all those people. And of course, I am also thinking of all the animals affected. So since I can't be there to help, I wanted to lend a helping paw. I looked into ways I can contribute. Here are some organizations that I found that are helping with the Texas animals. 
Humane Society of the United States- Disaster Relief Fund  http://www.humanesociety.org/

Best Friends Society : Hurricane Harvey Coverage https://bestfriends.org/

Wings of Rescue:  Fly dogs from shelters to help Texas https://www.wingsofrescue.org/
And of course we want to help the people too! There are so many places to donate, here are a couple that we will contribute to.
Global Giving: https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/hurricane-harvey-relief-fund/

United Way of Houston: https://www.unitedwayhouston.org/flood/flood-donation/

Prayers and Pawprayers for Texas.


Dog Day Afternoon

To celebrate National Dog Day yesterday, I decided to take Annie and Bunnybell to Seaport Village. I told them we will walk around first to see the cute shops then go to lunch at Sally's.

Annie loved the Dog Menu. She chose the Sally's Famous Pupcakes.

 After studying the menu, Bunnybell also chose the Pupcakes.

When the pupcakes arrived, Annie and Bunnybell dug right in. I on the other paw shared crab salad with my Mommy!

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