Hamburger Day

Annie decided to surprise me on our walk. She barked "Its Hamburger Day, Let's Get Smashed !" And then she proceeded to have Mommy give us Smashburger bags! She told me that she thoughtfully ordered me a burger with salad on it while she got bacon. (how thoughtful?) Then she proceeded to take her whole burger on. I on the other paw, started with my salad.
Happy Hamburger Day ! 


  1. How special. Annie ordered the hamburgers exactly as you each like them. They do look yummy. I must say Rosy, you and Annie enjoy each day to the fullest. xo

  2. What a great surprise Annie planned for you! Of course she'd order you the salad, she knows you like to keep your girlish figure. Those burgers sure look yummy! Happy Burger Day!

  3. And an enormously GRAND time was had by all!!! Yummmmy


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