National Cat Day

Today is National Cat Day - it is a day for cat lovers to celebrate their cats (even more). It is also a day to raise awareness about  the number of cats that need forever homes. While we don't have any cats in our family right now,  I really do love cats. So since I can't celebrate by adopting a kitty, I decided to have kitty pumpkins. 
Happy National Cat Day!


  1. Thanks you Rosy! *purrrrs*

  2. How very beautiful, Rosy! Purrrrrrrr... 😊

  3. Aww Rosy how sweet of you having kitty pumpkins! You look adorable as a kitty. It's a good look for you :)

  4. Thanks, Rosy - Can you believe, I missed it (My mum wouldn't let me on the computer since she is trying to finish her fifth book about Egypt. Duh. What's more important? Me or some mummy?)
    Anyway, I really appreciate you two guys giving us felines a heads-up.


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