Halloween choices

Dear world,
So the time has come to make a decision on what to wear for Halloween. Annie and I narrowed it down to costumes that we can wear together. So we looked at our joint costume box and came up with these choices. We need help choosing. What do you think we should be for Halloween this year?
Cavegirls, Cops, Firedogs, Medical professionals, SuperSisters, Karate Dogs, Geisha Girls, Pink Ladies, Pirates or Crayons?
BearHUGs Forever,


National Cat Day

Today is National Cat Day - it is a day for cat lovers to celebrate their cats (even more). It is also a day to raise awareness about  the number of cats that need forever homes. While we don't have any cats in our family right now,  I really do love cats. So since I can't celebrate by adopting a kitty, I decided to have kitty pumpkins. 
Happy National Cat Day!


Law Enforcement

Dear world,
We get so inspired by all the TV shows we watch about Police.  So Annie and I thought maybe we should see what it feels like to be a Cop. And of course that meant blue uniforms (sans guns). Then we went down to the Police Station to see if we could apply but we did not meet the age or height requirements.
BearHUGs Forever,




Annie and I have been discussing what careers interest us. Both of us veered toward a medical profession. – me a nurse and Annie a veterinarian. So we went by our doctors office to see if maybe we could get internships.

 And out came Dr. Steele and hired us! As Interns, we will be paid with cookies.


Cave Girls

Dear world,
One day when we were at the beach, I saw caves among the rocks and thought about how life must have been at the beach a bazillion years ago. So I acted on my imagination and had Annie and I become Cave girls. She wanted to stay in the shade and protect the cave. I decided to pose and look fabulous while playing the role of lookout.
BearHUGs Forever,


Annie of the Jungle

Everyone has been asking Annie what she wants to be for Halloween. She has a lot of options. But one day she roared " I’m Annie of the Jungle!" ...

 I guess it works. She looks like a toy lion, doesn't she?


Scary neighbors

Dear world,
On our walk through the neighborhood the other day, Annie totally freaked when we passed a skeleton walking his skeleton dog. I tried to explain it was just a fun Halloween decoration. But she still lunged at the dog with her legs shaking. Mommy had to reassure her that it wasn't real. She finally calmed down until we saw the hanging witches down the block. Poor Annie.
BearHUGs Forever,



Dear world.
I had another idea for Halloween. I thought maybe I should be something that is representative of where I live. So since I live in San Diego near the ocean, I immediately thought of a mermaid! Legendary and sparkly and I can wear a tiara! How perfect, don't you think?
BearHUGs Forever,


Dictionary Day

Dictionary Day is in honor of Noah Webster, considered the Father of the American Dictionary. He was born on October 16, 1758.
As a writer, I wanted to celebrate today. So I thought it would be a good idea to read the Dictionary and learn some new words. I also wanted to encourage Annie to build her vocabulary, so I thought Curious George could help her start.  After reading a bit, she asked Mommy if she could get a “collectible” and some "canine confections” at the pet store. Great. Now she knows new words for Toys and Treats!
What new word did you learn today?



Karate Class

Dear world,
I understand that the Martial Arts are a wonderful way of teaching self-discipline and socialization skills. So I decided to add Karate to my Princess School curriculum. I enrolled Annie in class and gave her a Karate robe. I know she should start with a white belt,  but since I needed to entice her I gave her a red belt since that is her fave color.  Yes,  my black belt is the best,  but I really wish it was pink.
BearHUGs Forever,


National Chess Day

Dear world,
Since Checkers Day in September, I have diligently been trying to teach Annie to play Chess. It took a while,  but she did start listening and showing some interest. So now that Chess Day has arrived, Annie decided she was ready. So she had her Queen take out one of her pawns. OK. So we should go back to playing Checkers.
BearHUGs Forever,


Leif Erikson

Annie heard it was Leif Erikson Day this week (10/9) and wanted to know what that meant. I explained that Mr. Erikson was a Viking explorer and the first Nordic person to visit North America. So this day celebrates the spirit of exploration and discovery, and contributions of Nordic people and their culture. So the next thing I knew, Annie came up with her own way to celebrate. Annie the Viking! 


Cocker Meet-up III

Dear world,
Last weekend we went to the monthly Cocker Meet-up. Annie loves being around kindred cockers. This time I tried to mind my own poodle business, but a new Cocker puppy had other plans. Since we were the same size, she wanted to be my new BFF.  I can deal with Cockers, but puppies are a whole nother breed. No thank you.
BearHUGs Forever,



Well it is October, and as you know, that means Halloween. So I thought I would start early to choose options of what I wanted to be. I was thinking maybe I could be something beautiful, magical and legendary. And then I found a unicorn ensemble and thought how perfect. Rosy the Unicorn. What do you think?


Sand Bar?

When at the beach Mommy called us to come out to join her at the sand bar. I wasn't quite sure, but on a warm day a bar sounded good for a (non-alcoholic) drink. So I convinced Annie to come with me. 
Once we got to the Sand Bar, we didn't see anyone serving drinks. Annie was looking for any hors d'oeuvres  none in sight. We should have come during happy hour.
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