Hospital Visit

Dear world,
Annie's surgery went well yesterday. They got the whole mass out. We are cautiously optimistic waiting for biopsy results. In the meantime, we just came back from visiting Annie in the hospital. Annie was really out of it because she is on a lot of medications. We didn't stay too long because she seemed really uncomfortable. Annie told me to guard all her toys at home while she is away and said she wanted to just go back in and go to sleep. I had Mommy and Daddy get Tess to take her back inside.
Poor sweet Annie. I hope she comes home tomorrow, At least she has fab color bandages.
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. Oh dear Annie. You are the sweetest girl. Tess and the others will take good care of you and you can get a good rest. Rosy you take special care of Mommy and Daddy tonight ! I had to go to the ER last week for XRays. They were looking for dentures that I hate. Ha, I fooled them, they were stashed under my bed for a midnite snack !

  2. Sweet Annie, be sure that you are getting the best attention. your mom and dad love you to pieces so you'll get the best care possible. Sleep tight and hopefully your head will be clear tomorrow.

  3. Dear, Sweet, Annie. You look so tired. We are happy that Tess took you back in. Get lots of sleep. The more, the better. Then when you are feeling strong, you will be home with Rosy, Mom & Dad.
    Hugs from, Penny & Tippy (Meow_Girls) and their humans ������

  4. Sweet Annie, I've been thinking of you all day. Each day you'll be feeling better & stronger. Hope you recover very fast. Our Zeke had two surgeries at your hospital & they are exceptional. Couldn't ask for better surgeons, nurses or care. I know you'll get the best care. xo

  5. Annie, I'm sure you're getting great care at the hospital, and I know Rosy and Mom will be excited to have you home to pamper! We have our paws crossed for good test results. We've been thinking of you and rooting for you! Big pawhugs n kisses!

  6. Dear Annie, we are wishing all the very best for you. We know how hard it must be to be cooped up and on lots of meds...and away from your parents and Rosy. I will eat extra for you tonight at dinner.


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